Who we are?

REGENT NORTH AMERICA LLC (RNA) is an Exclusive Importer, Wholesaler, and Distributor for MILKYMIST and GCFPCL (GLOBAL COCONUT FARMERS PRODUCER COMPANY LIMITED) products in the United States Of America and Canada.

RNA is dedicated to supply the highest quality products for both the B2B and B2C customers. We believe in exceptional customer service and go above and beyond to exceed our clients’ needs. We pride ourselves on the efficiency of getting the job done which highlights our Service Excellence.

RNA ensure that food products are accessible, affordable, and of high quality. We help to bridge the gap between producers and consumers, play a key role in supporting the food industry and food security.





Our Mission

We offer a wide range portfolio of MILKY MIST, ASAL and SMARTCHEF who produces ethnic food in the Indian region. Their quality dairy products make us stand stronger than other products in the markets. Focus on quality starts right from the milk procurement level and is maintained all the way until the products reach the consumers. Every batch is subjected to stringent quality checks right from the raw material in-take to the final product. Each and every stage of processing is monitored strictly. Their world-class management system ensures that high-quality & hygiene is maintained throughout the dairy product ranges.